5 Lyft Codes Worth $50 each!

You’re trying to find a few Lyft Promo Codes that actually work, right?

Well, we have 5 Lyft Codes that are worth $50 each. You can only use one of them, but your friends can use the others. I’m sure you’ve tried Uber and some other guys, but we all know Lyft is the real deal.

Have you downloaded the Lyft App yet? It’s super easy and intuitive. Just open up the app and request a ride from wherever you are. You’ll get a driver in less than 5 minutes (most cases sooner!) and you’ll be on your merry way down the road.

Ok, so here are the Lyft Coupons you can use for $50 off your rides:







You can click on any of the links above and your code will be automatically applied. Basically, you open up the Lyft App and punch in the codes from above and you won’t have to pay anything for your ride! Sound awesome? I know…because it is! Plus, it’s far cheaper than a disgusting cab and far quicker than walking and much better than Uber or Uberx.

Lyft is now in over 100 cities, including SF, LA, San Diego, Dallas, Miami, Tulsa, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and many more. You can check out the official Lyft site HERE to read their blog, find out any news and to check on which cities offer rides. You can also go to RideSharePromoCodes to search for your city and watch some funny Lyft cartoons :).

It’s always a good idea to throw your Lyft driver a buck or two in tips because they deserve it! Also, they are a service, just like a waiter or bartender. You know what we mean…hook them up! Enough already – Remember to share this page on Facebook or with your friends so you can ALL enjoy a $50 Ride Credit on your next Lyft!