Current Lyft Promo Codes

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Here is a list of ALL current Lyft Promo Codes so you can enjoy some free rides with Lyft.

Ahh, nothing better than getting FREE Rides around town with Lyft. How can life be so easy? Ridesharing has really allowed us to explore every city, go out to bars, sports games, concerts or whatever you enjoy, all without having to take a stinky cab or a costly private car.

If you enjoy Uber, you’ll definitely love Lyft. It’s pretty much the best way to travel at such a low cost. Most short rides average between $5 and $10, which is about 30% cheaper than if you were to take a cab. has always been a leader in getting you hooked up with discounts and promos for FREEBIES!

Enter one of these Lyft Promo Codes in the app BEFORE requesting your first ride. All codes verified 100% working:













So there you have it, getting a Lyft Coupon is pretty easy. Ridesharing Promo Codes has over 30 Current Lyft Discounts and we always try to add more everyday. What’s your favorite city to explore? Any fun rides you want to share with us? You can always shoot us a tweet @ridesharecodes and we’ll be sure to respond.

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