5 Lyft Codes Worth Up to $50 each!

You’re trying to find a few Lyft Promo Codes that actually work, right?

Well, we have 5 Lyft Codes that are worth up to $50 each. You can only use one of them, but your friends can use the others. I’m sure you’ve tried Uber and some other guys, but we all know Lyft is the real deal.

Have you downloaded the Lyft App yet? It’s super easy and intuitive. Just open up the app and request a ride from wherever you are. You’ll get a driver in less than 5 minutes (most cases sooner!) and you’ll be on your merry way down the road.

Ok, so here are the Lyft Coupons you can use for $50 off your rides:







You can click on any of the links above and your code will be automatically applied. Basically, you open up the Lyft App and punch in the codes from above and you won’t have to pay anything for your ride! Sound awesome? I know…because it is! Plus, it’s far cheaper than a disgusting cab and far quicker than walking and much better than Uber or Uberx.

Lyft is now in over 100 cities, including SF, LA, San Diego, Dallas, Miami, Tulsa, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and many more. You can check out the official Lyft site HERE to read their blog, find out any news and to check on which cities offer rides. You can also go to RideSharePromoCodes to search for your city and watch some funny Lyft cartoons :).

It’s always a good idea to throw your Lyft driver a buck or two in tips because they deserve it! Also, they are a service, just like a waiter or bartender. You know what we mean…hook them up! Enough already – Remember to share this page on Facebook or with your friends so you can ALL enjoy a $50 Ride Credit on your next Lyft!

Lyft Promo Code: AUGUSTPROMO

What is the newest Lyft Promo Code? It’s AUGUSTPROMO and it will give you $50 in free ride credits! This is valid for first time users only, but you can pass along the code to a friend.

Try Lyft for the first time and experience a whole new way of ride-sharing. Everyone is agreeing that Lyft is 10x better than that OTHER ride-sharing company…Uber :(. Just give it a try and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

Also, check out our new site with updated Lyft Cities and Maps: Rideshare Promo Codes


All Current Lyft Promo Codes

Here is a full list of the best Promo Codes for Lyft. Use any of these codes to receive a FREE ride worth up to $20 in ANY city Lyft is currently in.

Enter one of these Coupons in your Lyft App:






These Lyft Promo Code will give you a free ride and you’ll get to enjoy a fun, unique experience! Click here to see which cities have Lyft: LYFT CITIES


New Lyft Driver Bonuses

It’s 2018 now and Lyft is still offering some amazing bonuses for new drivers. All of our codes are updated and should auto-apply when you fill out your application. It’s really easy to get going with Lyft and start making some real money.

Lyft just added a few more cities to the New Driver Bonus List. You can earn up to $750 for completing required amount of rides in 30 days.

Click Here To Apply

Up to $750 Bonus
Up to $750 Bonus

Earn $35/hr PLUS up to $750 Bonus

Lyft Driver Bonus up to $750!

Lyft is really trying to make their mark with the latest promotional campaign -> offering new drivers up to $750 cash bonus! This is pretty incredible ride-sharing news and Uber can probably tell they are catching up (or at least on the rise!).

Here are the most recent boosts in Lyft Driver Bonuses:

  • Austin – was $250, now $500
  • Boston – was $500, now $750
  • Denver – was $500, now $750
  • Miami – was $100, now $250
  • New York City – was $350, now $500
  • Philadelphia – was $500, now $750
  • Portland – was $350, now $500
  • Silicon Valley – was $250, now $500
  • Washington DC – was $500, now $750

And, the rest of the city bonuses between $100-$750 are here:


This is really an outstanding reason to start driving for Lyft this summer.  You can make upwards of $1,500 per week PLUS you get a fat bonus of up to $750 just for driving! Amazing.


Lyft Promo Codes 2015

 Need a ride? Grab a Lyft. $20 FREE Promo Code is “3FKLKT“. Works in every city!

In the App, click the top left button and then click the “Payment” section. Enter the Lyft credit code “3FKLKT” BEFORE you order your FIRST Lyft for $20 of free credit to new users.

Lyft iPhone

Lyft Android


Lyft is like having a friend with a car whenever you need one. Simply download the app and be on your way; it’s more fun and costs less than a cab.

Up to $20 Free – Use Promo Code “3FKLKT“. Share it with friends, too!

I really want to save you from ever having to ride with strangers again. Use the Lyft promo code: “3FKLKT” to save yourself $20 on your first ride. Even if you’ve already downloaded the app you can still use the promo code if you haven’t used a Lyft Ride yet.

How to Sign Up

  1. Download the app
  2. Type in your info and signup
  3. Once in the app go to the “Payment” section
  4. Type in the promo code: “3FKLKT” in the “Lyft Credits” section
  5. Tap apply
  6. Congrats! You just got $20 towards your friend with a car!


Lyft currently operates in 60 cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Seattle, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston, Charlotte, Houston, Pittsburgh, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, Baltimore, Phoenix, St. Paul and Indianapolis,
with plans to expand both domestically and internationally.

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