Top 5 Reasons to Use Lyft in NYC


Eight years of living in Queens and Brooklyn while working in Manhattan has taught me everything there is to know about MTA, LIRR, PATH, busses, yellow cabs, gypsy cabs and the like. Here is why LYFT is a great alternative for getting around the five New York City boroughs.

1. Convenience: Have you ever tried hailing a yellow cab at 6pm on a Friday? Or any day? How about when it’s raining. How about from Midtown? What if you need a ride to :gasp: Queens? If you have, you know the odds in finding a cab in those conditions, let alone one who will take you to your destination with a smile on their face. Have no fear, your Lyft driver will take you…happily!

2. Reliability: Those dreadfully cold Sundays waiting on the N train platform, when 20 minutes feels like an eternity. Instead, go wait in Dunkin Donuts for your chariot. Also, I present to you, the L train.

3. Payment: 100% cash free. No BS. No “broken” credit card machines. No screaming matches with cabbies. No shady runs to ATMs at 3am. You don’t even have to consciously complete the transition if you forget…Lyft will do so automatically after 24 hours (but please try to remember to tip your driver in the app!)

4. Comfort: Clean, comfortable, late-model, safety inspected vehicles. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a cab with anything other than vinyl or hard plastic seats, and usually an unidentifiable but pungent aroma. Lyft requires cleanliness, and you can report conditions when rating drivers if you don’t think they are acceptable.

5. Friendliness: You decide whether you want to talk to the driver or not, sit up front (or not), and there’s a guarantee that the driver will NOT be on his/her cell phone at any point during the ride. Again, you can report conditions if they do not meet this standard.

So, if you’re ever tirelessly hunting for a cab or arrive to your subway station only to see the dreaded “Service Changes” poster, do yourself a favor and download Lyft. Your first ride (up to $25) is free!

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