Lyft First Ride Free

Just about everyone wants to get their first Lyft ride free and we are going to show you how. No, you don’t need to sign up with anything special except one of our Lyft coupon codes. You’ll be super happy you did because, depending on where you live, you’ll be able to get up to $50 in free ride credit! So let’s dive into it.

TLDR:                 Click here to auto-apply your Free Lyft Credits

Where do I put my free Lyft code?

This is probably the most asked question we receive, yet the easiest answer to give. You MUST add one of our codes into the payments section of the Lyft App BEFORE you request your first ride. If you don’t type in the code ahead of time, you won’t be eligible for ride credit. Sound good so far? What’s the next step…

What are some Lyft Codes?

Ridesharing Promo Codes has a bunch of discounts you can use whether you are a new user or you need credits as an existing rider. Here’s the list:

  • 3FKLKT

We have a bunch more, but that’s really all you’ll need to get your first lyft ride for free. If you have any issues with applying your code, you can reach out to Customer Service here.

Also, it’s really helpful to see where Lyft is currently active. You can navigate to the Maps section of our site to search for some details. They are in over 100+ cities all across the US and are even tapping into some foreign markets. It’s a really cool time to be involved in the sharing economy, especially if you can get some free rides.