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Lyft Drive Bonus Breakdown up to $1000

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Look, it’s not easy grinding in the 9-5 working for someone else. So many students, young professionals and others have taken the leap and started driving for Lyft. It isn’t perfect, but you can definitely make a killing if you use one of our Lyft Driver Bonus Codes.

Lyft Ridesharing of the Future

Lyft is the Ridesharing Company of the Future

Lyft Promo Codes will get you free ride credits up to $50 in the Lyft App. As the cost of transportation rises, people are motivated to find new and creative ways to get from Point A to Point B. One emerging trend is known as ride-sharing, where people offer or request rides to either nearby or far-off destinations. You can now find ride-sharing categories on popular classifieds sites such as Craigslist. A new and more efficient type of ride-sharing has come along, though. This is exemplified by Lyft -a company that began in San Francisco but is quickly spreading across the nation. With Lyft, people connect with one another via an app and rides can be quickly arranged.

Free Lyft Coupon Code $50

A Creative and Reasonable Ride-Sharing Service

Lyft operates as both a ride-sharing service and a social network, as people needing a ride can look up potential drivers and see their photos, descriptions and ratings. All drivers are screened, and only safe, reliable cars are permitted for this service. This ensures the safety of both passengers and drivers. There is no set price for rides, but passengers are encouraged to make donations. The average donation ends up being about 30% cheaper than a taxi. Drivers for Lyft can be as active as they want, as they are not employees or even independent contractors. They are simply individuals offering rides on a causal basis.

Lyft gives drivers a way to make extra money and passengers a way to find a convenient, friendly and economical way to get places. The atmosphere with Lyft is friendlier and more casual than with a taxi service. It is customary for rider and driver to exchange a fist bump when greeting one another. Riders sit in the front seat, next to the driver, and it’s only natural for people to socialize and get to know each other.

Another thing that makes the Lyft experience different is the creativity shown by drivers. Many decorate their vehicles in unique ways. There’s a driver called Hip-Hop Lyft, who takes his passengers on an incredible hip-hop music journey the moment they step into his car. Another, called Cookie Lyft, bakes fresh cookies every day for his passengers. There are endless ways for drivers to set themselves and their vehicles apart, and Lyft passengers LOVE it.

Why Lyft is a Transportation Wave of the Future

Lyft is a relatively new company, but it is catching on quickly and has already attracted quite a bit of publicity. It combines practicality, sociability and just plain fun. It also fits nicely into the modern taste for apps and social networking. Lyft not only makes it convenient and reasonable for people to get rides, it opens the doors to making new friends.

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Lyft Map for Miami and Free Ride Credits

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Here’s the most updated Lyft map for Miami.

If you are like me, you want to know how to get lyft and uber ride for free. Basically, there are a few easy ways to do this. First thing, you have to enter a Lyft Promo Code like 3FKLKT. Seriously, just do it. If it doesn’t work, you have probably taken a ride already. So, what do you do? Tell a friend to enter another coupon code like RSINSIDER. This is the best way to get free rides with Lyft.

You can’t always have free credits with Lyft or Uber. But, you can figure out a way to get discounts. Sometimes they have 3 for $15 coupons you can use. Whenever they do, we post them here: Lyft Miami Discounts

Miami is the place to be for many reasons – party, beach, amazing weather and some really cool cultures all mixed together! Getting around in Miami is pretty easy too, if you have a Lyft Promo Code so you can get some free rides. You might want to go from Little Havana to Key Biscayne or Surfside to South Beach. Whatever you want to do, you can ride for FREE with credits from lyft.


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5 Lyft Codes Worth Up to $50 each!

You’re trying to find a few Lyft Promo Codes that actually work, right?

Well, we have 5 Lyft Codes that are worth up to $50 each. You can only use one of them, but your friends can use the others. I’m sure you’ve tried Uber and some other guys, but we all know Lyft is the real deal.

Have you downloaded the Lyft App yet? It’s super easy and intuitive. Just open up the app and request a ride from wherever you are. You’ll get a driver in less than 5 minutes (most cases sooner!) and you’ll be on your merry way down the road.

Ok, so here are the Lyft Coupons you can use for $50 off your rides:







You can click on any of the links above and your code will be automatically applied. Basically, you open up the Lyft App and punch in the codes from above and you won’t have to pay anything for your ride! Sound awesome? I know…because it is! Plus, it’s far cheaper than a disgusting cab and far quicker than walking and much better than Uber or Uberx.

Lyft is now in over 100 cities, including SF, LA, San Diego, Dallas, Miami, Tulsa, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and many more. You can check out the official Lyft site HERE to read their blog, find out any news and to check on which cities offer rides. You can also go to RideSharePromoCodes to search for your city and watch some funny Lyft cartoons :).

It’s always a good idea to throw your Lyft driver a buck or two in tips because they deserve it! Also, they are a service, just like a waiter or bartender. You know what we mean…hook them up! Enough already – Remember to share this page on Facebook or with your friends so you can ALL enjoy a $50 Ride Credit on your next Lyft!

Lyft Promo Codes for New Passengers

Want to get FREE rides with LYFT? Just use the code: 3FKLKT in the Lyft App before you request your first ride?

Free Lyft Rides


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Lyft is now in over 100 cities across the nation and they are even hiring new drivers. If you want to be a driver, you can sign up here:

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