Lyft Driver Bonus and Salary RAISE!

If you’ve considered being a Lyft driver at all, you should check out what Lyft is giving new driver’s as a bonus – because it’s pretty awesome!

Lyft driver salary
Lyft Driver Bonus

Driver Bonuses range from $10 to $750 dollars! This is the time to cash in and start driving for Lyft.

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New Lyft Driver Bonuses

It’s 2018 now and Lyft is still offering some amazing bonuses for new drivers. All of our codes are updated and should auto-apply when you fill out your application. It’s really easy to get going with Lyft and start making some real money.

Lyft just added a few more cities to the New Driver Bonus List. You can earn up to $750 for completing required amount of rides in 30 days.

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Up to $750 Bonus
Up to $750 Bonus

Earn $35/hr PLUS up to $750 Bonus

Lyft Driver Bonus up to $750!

Lyft is really trying to make their mark with the latest promotional campaign -> offering new drivers up to $750 cash bonus! This is pretty incredible ride-sharing news and Uber can probably tell they are catching up (or at least on the rise!).

Here are the most recent boosts in Lyft Driver Bonuses:

  • Austin – was $250, now $500
  • Boston – was $500, now $750
  • Denver – was $500, now $750
  • Miami – was $100, now $250
  • New York City – was $350, now $500
  • Philadelphia – was $500, now $750
  • Portland – was $350, now $500
  • Silicon Valley – was $250, now $500
  • Washington DC – was $500, now $750

And, the rest of the city bonuses between $100-$750 are here:


This is really an outstanding reason to start driving for Lyft this summer.  You can make upwards of $1,500 per week PLUS you get a fat bonus of up to $750 just for driving! Amazing.


Lyft drivers NOW make up to $750 BONUS!

Lyft is offering MAJOR Driver Bonuses in nearly all Lyft Markets and Cities.

You can earn a Sign-on Bonus of up to $750 when you complete 30 rides (50 in some areas) in your first month as a new driver. Most drivers give 30 rides within a few days and get PAID their bonus soon after.

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Realistically, you can earn between $1000-$1500/wk as a Lyft Driver. You’ll learn the Hotspots and best times to drive in no time AND it’s a really fun way to meet new people around town.

Have you considered driving for Lyft, but haven’t applied yet? Check the Income Calculator below to see if you want to give it a try.

Check out the Lyft Driver Income Calculator

Lyft Bonus by City $750
Lyft Bonus by City $750